Utilizing years of experience and personal relationships in Washington, DC, SB Strategic Consulting enables corporations and associations to promote their interests in the nation's Capitol. With the correct approach, success can be achieved in any political environment.

The Federal Government is ever changing, presenting both opportunities and challenges for the business community. Our team helps clients navigate the personalities and politics that surround successful government relations. For many companies and organizations, interaction with the federal government is foreign territory. Intelligence gathering through key public and private relationships, monitoring and tracking legislation, identifying trends that may affect projects, plans or profitability are how we add value to our clients and their businesses.

We believe to help clients maximize their success with the federal government requires a disciplined business approach: This includes providing an overview of our client's strengths, weaknesses and ultimate goals, establishing a strategic plan with project timelines, and continual communication and project evaluation.

We provide senior level strategic management in lobbying activities, coordination of outside consultants, federal agenda briefings and timely issue updates, as well as, the planning and arrangement of contacts with elected officials and members of their staff.

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